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durable ware

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     Last years the attention of scientists and technologists of many countries is involved in ceramics - to a firm material of the inorganic nature. This material has found such wide application that the end of the twentieth century began to name an era of ceramics.

   The high mechanical durability remaining even at extreme temperatures, the big corrosive fastness, high electrical insulation properties cause uprising ceramics application in various areas of engineering and manufacture. Despite the modern scientific achievements in the field of medicine the prospects of use of the newest materials is of special interest.

   Materials traditionally used in implantology — metals, aren't physiologic: they cooperate with tissues, as a result of transport reactions are transferred to other parts of a body, changing immune reactions of the person though are convenient in manufacturing and the installation. Even the most inert of the metals titanium in a few months after implantation is found in the lungs, liver, kidneys and lymph nodes. Ceramics as a material for implants for a long time involved researchers, but rather fragile characteristics didn't allow their effective application yet unique properties of stabilized zirconium dioxide as material for implantation, until recently, haven't been revealed.

   Absolute inertness, firmness and biocompatibility of ceramics of a dioxide of zirconium with an osteal tissue promotes its best osteointegration that gives them conclusive advantage.

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