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Implants nanoceramics
Dental implants

  Many developed European countries give due attention to this problem and there are many interesting developments and studies confirming the benefits of zircon ceramics compared with conventional titanium implants.
Improving the design of implants given to special interest.
Existing ceramic implants can only do a one-step implantation.
  The proposed construction of new combined with titanium ceramic implants can, do as the one-step and two-stage implantation
greatly simplify the work of orthopedists.
Designed intraosseous implant is combined ceramic screw from stabilized zirconia powders made of nanometric size.

- fixing elements are made of the titan;
- orthopedic works are considerably facilitated.

Cervical plates and implants

  Cervical plates of the corresponding sizes are made of powders of the stabilized dioxide of zirconium of nanometric size with its subsequent sintering.Fixing elements - standard titanic screws.   Currently, ceramic implants are applied practically in all areas of surgical orthopedy: for a plastic surgery of hipbone and other large joints, prosthetics of a roof of an acetabular hollow, replacements of bones of a brush, replacement of a part and the whole long tubular bones, for intraosteal bond of bones.

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